Sunday, July 5, 2009

Media and Sherbini case

While the video and pictures of Agha Soltan called Neda could have been found all over internet, both the pictures and story about murder of Marwa al-Sherbini is only on some almost not important news-sites and blogs. Of course, because it was suitable for media war against Iranian regime.
The murder of Marwa happened on Wednesday, but it is still not mentioned on the main sensation-hungry news-sites.
I ask myself if the answer of Westerners to Sherbini case is this on the picture below - T-shirt worn by Israeli soldiers.


  1. I also wondered like you about why the media ignored the case since it began. In my opinon the answer is because she's not important for them and maybe they cover it but too late.

  2. This is the most civilized and free world. She was martyred inside court, 18 stabs. how media report "Marwa Sherbini, 31, was stabbed 18 times by Axel W, who is now under arrest in Dresden for suspected murder. "
    Suspected Murder, this is the jsutice.. Such incidents create hatred among Muslims. So Biased Media..
    God bless our Sister... Inna Lillahe wa in elahe rajioun..

  3. The lack of coverage from the Western media is clear, although today some reports from BBC and others starting to show, most are not very accurate and are very short.
    Of course the Germans do not want to acknowledge that this is a blunt hate crime, one specifically directed against a Muslim. Any person with 2 cents of brain will start linking the rise in Islamophobia with anti-Islamic comments mainly made by some European politicians. I hope now Sarco of France realizes that women should be left free to decide what to wear and what not to wear.
    I also hope this doesnt turn into a "let's hate Germany" campaign in the Middle East. The Muslim community, along with any other minorities and those who care for human rights should make sure that pressure is exerted on the German gov, their very cold response to the incident should be highlighted, their silly doubts that this was not a crime of pure hate should be highlighted. And finally lawyers need to get involved to make sure that her family is compensated and that her sick murderer will not be considered insane and get away with it because he clearly planned his actions, by carrying the knife and by stabbing her so many times and her husband. The judge, the court security and others who where in the court room must be questioned for not trying to stop the murder, as far as I know there is a legal obligation found in most criminal laws to help someone who is dying and if you do not do so you could be questioned and found liable for failing to assist a dying person.

  4. I am living in France , I can tell you that headlines here focused last week on MJ death and China troubles.
    But I need to mention that earlier , the central subject of all media here was the "Burqa" act that is beeing studied in parliament, the french government is investigating on how to prohibate burqa and nikab, so , I guess mentionning a racist crime against a muslima would only have spilled more oil on water.