Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marwa al-Sherbini was stabbed while her 3-year old son was present

On August 21, 2008, Marwa was with her then 2-year-old at a playground in the Dresden suburb of Johannstadt. She had arrived in Germany together with her son and husband, Ali, three years prior to the incident from Egypt. Ali holds a fellowship at the renowned Max-Planck-Institut

On the playground, an argument arose between Marwa and and the 27-year-old Alex, where he insulted her with words like “slut”, “Islamist”, and “Terrorist.” After an official complaint was filed, a local court fined the man 780 Euro. The prosecutors felt that the punishment was too soft, and the man proceeded to appeal the decision. As a result, the appeal was heard by the State Court in Dresden in July 2009.

During the proceedings on the morning of July 1st, in addition to the accused and his state-assigned counsel, both Marwa’s 3-year-old son and her husband were in attendance. The routine process was running without incident, when the situation radically changed in a matter of seconds. As Marwa wrapped up her statement to the court, the accused man lunged at her with a knife he had brought with him. In front of her child, Marwa was stabbed eighteen times in less than 30 seconds. Both the defense attorney and Marwa’s husband attempted to get between the man and Marwa, resulting in Ali being stabbed. Two police officers, who stormed the hall, took Ali for the attacker, shooting him in the leg. Only afterwards could the real attacker be identified and taken into custody.

Marwia died right there in the courtroom as a result of the stab wounds. It is now become known that she was pregnant at the time of her death. Her husband was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The 3-year-old son, who was also injured, has been taken into care by friends. A spokesperson of the prosecution, Christian Avenarius, spoke a day after the incident, described the incident as the “fanatical actions of a lone man, who was acting out of feelings of extreme xenophobia.”



  1. I am very sorry for her wrongful death, her husbands unfortunate injuries, her son's injuries and her unborn child's injuries. I also feel that all of us in the West are partly to blame for this.

    There are many who encourage men like this lunatic, and they are often allowed to speak with impunity. This must stop. I am for free speech, but free speech also allows us to denounce obvious hate speech.

    My biggest fear is that there are many more Alex's out there who will harm many more Marwa's. We must stop these from happening. Otherwise, Marwa will have died in vain.

  2. get over yourself toeg, none of us in the west are to blame at all. YOu sound like a muslim to spew that lame crap.

    Nobody, repeat nobody, ever encourages anybody to cold blooded murder by stabbing a woman wearing a hijab and if you know of a case where that has happened do post the link.

    You are just as much a problem even by stating this crap out loud...idiot!

  3. hasbuna Allah waneema alwakeel!!!

  4. The attacker was a Russian immigrant. So this is yet another case of a non-Western immigrant killing another non-Western immigrant.

    This means that no, none of us in the West are to blame for this, except that we should stop letting all those non-Westerners in as they are just too much trouble.

  5. Wow,

    It's nice to see racism is still alive and well in Europe. Sorry to disappoint everyone here, but I'm a Christian American. I just see injustice and look for ways to avoid its sad repitition. It looks like there are others here who prefer to perpetuate ignorance and stupidity.

    And then you say we Americans are dumb?? Look at your stupid statements:
    "YOu sound like a muslim to spew that lame crap."
    "This means that no, none of us in the West are to blame for this, except that we should stop letting all those non-Westerners in as they are just too much trouble."

    Ignorance, stupidity and xenophobia. It looks like the West is farther behind than I thought. I sure hope these jackasses are the exception to the rule or there'll be a lot more of these in the future.

  6. Is this real , i did some searches on the net , all the stories are pretty much the same , but different dates and i did not find it on any official news site , can you post a link to the source of this story , i really think its fabricated

  7. Thank you Toeg. A fair coverage of the event.

  8. I assure you, it 's real. Her body arrived Eypt today, and we had the story published in governmental newspapers today in Egypt.

  9. She sued him for insulting her?
    I think we should sue muslims too then... seeing that Islam is an insult to humanity.

    Oh, and yesterday i saw a newspaper quoting a muslim: "we shall avenge her death"
    Who the hell do you think you are?! We have never protested for all the tourists who have been injured, kidnapped, tortured or killed in Egypt! Yet you believe you have the right?!