Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book: Islam in Europe: Integration or Marginalization?

In this book the author Robert J. Pauly, (Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy at Norwich University, Northfield, VT) looks in detail at the impact of Islam's presence in Europe. He examines five areas of particular importance:

• the effect of the growth of Muslim communities on the demographics of Western Europe generally, and France, Germany and the United Kingdom in particular;
• the consequences of the marginalization of Muslims on domestic and international security within and outside of Western Europe in the post-11 September 2001 era;
• the impact of the issue of Islam in Europe on the European Union's ongoing deepening and widening processes
• the potential correlation between the increased visibility of Islam in Europe and the growth of far-right political parties across the continent;
• and the broader relationships between the issues of Islam in Europe, Islam and Europe, and Islam and the West.

The main theses of Pauly are the need for a local approach in the short term and the implementation of projects at the regional, national and supranational levels in light of local experiences. The author is convinced that the present societal divide between Christians and Muslims in Europe could be overcome by developing an "inclusive society with room for a European brand of Islam", if not a "hybrid Euro-Islamic identity".

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