Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Muslims in Europe: Episode 7 - Netherlands

Episode 7 of HRT2(Croatian radio-television) serial Muslims in Europe.

Dutchwoman of Moroccan and Algerian roots Raja El Mouhandiz is a young talented artist. Poetess and singer, composer and producer, she has created her own publisher house and thus became the first Moroccan woman who produced her own album. However, the fight for musical career costed her a lot, when only 15 she broke the ties with her family. Jazzer to whom are not foreign pop nor hip hop music complements the Arabic influences. She sees herself as a pioneer between the Dutch and Moroccan in the Netherlands, but it is not easy: the Dutch see her as too Muslim and Muslims say she is too free and sexy ... Saint Michielsgestel is a small village in the south of Holland. In the middle of the village - mosque. The sam temple was a place of Dutchman revenge who, revolted by the murder of director Theo Van Gogh, smashed the windows and lifted the moon and the star of the dome. In the mosque regularly comes Ramin Amat - Surinamee, a spiritual teacher who is respected especially from sick ...

Muslims in Europe: Episode 7 - Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Titles: Croatian

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