Thursday, July 9, 2009

Confirmed: Janazah in Potočari will be held on July 11th

Representatives of the associations of Srebrenica mothers, shaheed families, demobilized veterans and military invalids of war decided that there would be janazah in Potocari on July 11th, when more than 500 victims of genocide in Srebrenica which were identified last year, will be buried, BIRN - Justice Report reported.

-Janazah will be held. We can not cancel it because of the people who came from abroad. And we can not do that because of our beloved ones who are already prepared for burial. We decided that janazah will be held, but we will not give up from our demands. Unfortunately, we got the informtion that Parliament has not placed our request for the July 11th to be declared as the day of mourning on the agenda, said the president of the Association " Movement of Srebrenica and Žepa enclaves' Mothers" Munira Subašić.

Before marking the 14th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, associations of victims from this category have announced that janazah could be canceled, after Midhat Salihović was arrested by the District Court in Bijeljina warrant on suspicion that he committed war crimes.

Representatives of the victims have requested from the state judicial authorities to "take all the cases from the area of Srebrenica" and the Parliament of B&H to declarate July 11th as the day of mourning.

Proposal to the agenda of the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H has been to incorporate the point "Declaration of July 11th as the day of rememberance to the victims of genocide" did not receive the necessary majority in the entity of Republic Srpska at the present session of the Parliament of BiH.

- We will not allow this, even if it's to kill us. Better to finish our life suffering, than living through Srebrenica every day, every day July 11th, every day humiliation..., said Subašić for BIRN.
(FENA – Federal News Agency)

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Web-site of The Memorial Center Srebrenica - Potočari

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